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Assistance request.


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I have recently purchased a used (but in perfect condition) 20 gauge Benelli Model 201 SL80 and would like to obtain a handbook/manual for this model, does anyone know where I could get this from ?


Also, I have a problem emptying the magazine.

An unshot cartridge can be removed from the chamber by "racking" the gun, but the unshot cartridges in the magazine do not "rack" out.

To remove them, I have to depress the hinged magazine feed and push in a slide to the side of the magazine entrance.

This is a very fiddly operation and I can't believe there is not a proper way to remove the cartridges.


Any assistance would be appreciated and please excuse my terminology, as you can see I am "not from round here".;)

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As far as I can make out from your description, the gun is functioning properly. Benelli semi-autos do not release an unfired round from the magazine unless the either the gun is fired or the magazine catch release is manually depressed.


In order to manually unload the gun without firing it, the catch release must be pressed each time the action is cycled. Otherwise, just the chambered out is extracted and the unfired rounds are left in the magazine.


I believe your gun is very similar to the "Pasion" model, found on the Italian website.


Our resident historian and curator, M1014, may be able to provide more information for you. He may even have one of these guns, if memory serves. He'll be along as soon as he's done yelling at the neighborhood kids to get off his lawn. ;)

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