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SBE II miss fire


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hey, i just bought the gun and ive shot it on a couple of ocations now, and the last couple of times when hunting i would go to shoot the first shell and it whould just go click. the shell was not damaged at all. It was also having trouble cycleing the shell on the second round. i was shotting federl 3" mag steel shells. I cleand the gun well and it still hapend. any help on why this might be occuring.

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In English, it sounds like the bolt did not shut all the way.


Mudhen I am coming up with this on my own, no cut and pasting here buddy.


I missed a couple of woodies one time because I did not realize I had pulled the bolt back inadvertently. That was the last time I played with the bolt while waiting for some action.

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If the bolt is closed and you want to make sure that it is fully closed, (safety on) finger the black extractor to the "up" position. This will ensure that it is fully locked and ready to go.

If the bolt is not fully seated and locked, the firing pin will not be able to reach the primer when the trigger is pulled.

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