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Benelli American


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Hey fellow shooters, just received an ad from Cabelas and they have 12 months same as cash on new Benelli purchases for Fathers Day. The question i have is they mention a shotgun called the "American" for $949.99 and "New" beneath the shotgun. It appears to look like an M-2, just wanted to know if anyone has any information on this?




Also wanted to thank everyone, 4 months ago i purchased a M-2 and love it.

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Not even close :)


Looks like the budget M2 that was mentioned as being the Big Secret, which turned out to be the Vinci.


Actually, just from the Cabela's ad, the American looks like an M1. No CT, I presume 3 chokes, probably not Crio, etc. $949 sounds a little steep, I was hearing retail $800-$850....

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Around here (Nebraska) I have seen a recent overstock of M1's on the shelves of Scheels, Bass Pro and Cabelas. They are all 2004-2006 models so I am assuming that they were sitting on shelves until the " November 2008 gun crisis " and are now a cheap substitute for the M2 & M4.

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Just bought one at Cabelas. The Benelli American is a M2 but it does not have the Comfort Tech stock. The stock looks like the one that came on the Benelli M1. Three Crio chokes; IC, Mod, Full.

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The gun in the picture is an M1. I have the exact same gun. If the actual gun is the same as the picture, then it is indeed an M1. You can tell by the subtle differences in the stock and trigger guard.


I've got the new Bass Pro 2009 Fall Classic flyer right here - they have the correct photo of the M2 American:


Trigger guard is M2

Forearm is M2

Mag cap is M2

Stock is M2 - but not CT

3 chokes - presuming not Crio


The one at BPS is matte black with Max4 camo stocks - normally $1199 - on sale for $999 :)


I think Cabela's was using the wrong photo for their ads....

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