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how much??


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No go in Cali; the shops figured that out about 15 years ago.


While they can only charge $35 to DROS a single gun PPT by statute, they can charge anything they want for a dealer to private party transfer as long as they list anything over the $35 as a 'dealer' fee.


While a decent store will not go overboard, some simply hate these deals and will not do you any favor, I don't really blame them though unless it is a special order or custom work.


Kinda hard to stay in business processing someone else'e gun sales for $25.......


mudhen - CA

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I have a couple of locals who hold FFL's just for the purpose of getting guns for good customers and friends.

I see what you mean about CA, though.

I checked out transfer agents for Bakersfield area on gunbroker.com and found that most are charging pretty steep rates.

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Its like you said mudhen "Kinda hard to stay in business processing someone else'e gun sales for $25......."

I know the stores in my area charge 50 bucks to the average joe. If we CAN'T get the type of firearm a customer is looking for we'll knock off 15 bucks. Its unusal being that we're a class III dealer, but occasionally we can't get something. On a different topic tucker301 the guy's you know that hold FFL's do they have gun shops? I know you didn't have to own a "store front" in the past in order to obtain an FFL but I believe its necessary now a days. Purpose of my question is do they let you keep your FFL if you had it prior to the criteria changing? Do they grandfather it in?

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Even though my friend and boss is a class III dealer (as previously mentioned) I wanted to get an FFL for myself. The main reason is so I would be able to get firearms at dealer prices down the road. However now a days you have to maintain a "store front" before our good friends at the BATFand E will issue one. As I understand it. Well I missed the bus on that one. Its like the machine gun law in 86. (I was only 13 then) I would have bought as many machineguns as I could afford in 85 if I knew than what I know now. A 500 dollar gun than could fetch you 15,000.00 now. Plus you could go full auto. yeehaw!!!!!!! I know a guy that scooped up a bunch of auto sears back than for peanuts. Now there worth thousands. A little piece of metal machined the right way....

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