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Benelli M3 Rifled Barrel Question


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I would like to know if there is anyone out there that knows of a specialty gunsmith that has the skills / capabilities to manufacture a rifled barrel for the M3?


I live in the Portland Metro [Oregon] area. I don't mind sending it somewhere else provided I know the expertise of the person doing the work.


A little background so that I don't get questions as WHY I would want such a thing:


Why don't I just get an M1 or an M4 you ask? Well I work for a private security company that protects Navy owned ships. The government standards haven't progressed as fast as technology has. Their guidelines for private security regarding shotguns are that they must be pump (or at least pump action capable). I think this is behind the times thinking for LE / Security / Tactical situations. I want a semi-auto capable weapon. I have gotten powers on high to bless the Benelli M3 as applicable to the guidelines. The second part of this equation is that we most often carry slugs in the shotguns when defending the ships. In accordance with that need I would really like to maximize the capability of these rounds.


Hence my unusual needs:

Benelli M3 /w small scope, & rifled barrel that is pinned to the receiver [although not permanently] & collapsible stock.

If you have ANY idea of whom I should be speaking too, please let me know how to get in contact with them.


Oh and I will be looking for someone that can create a collapsible stock as well. Either by adapting something already out on the market or creating an entirely custom stock.


Thank you very much for your time.

I really appreciate any information that you can provide.




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Nope. No joke. I’m not sure what you find incredulous about my wishes. I am part of a team that protects Navy ships. We have a 100yd protection perimeter around the ship. I want a shotgun that is accurate out to this range. Because of stupid regulations shotguns MUST be pump (or capable of pump action).


A smooth bore just won’t cut it. Therefore I need a rifled barrel.


To address the other reply — The M3T won’t work any better. The only difference (that I can tell) between it and a regular M3 is that it has a folding stock and rifle sights. While that might be nice for carrying, I plan to mount a scope on it that would interfere with the folding stock. And they don’t make rifled barrels for it either.


If it weren’t for the goofy regulation I would probably focus in on an M4. Combat designed weapon. I don’t know if Benelli makes rifled barrels for that model either. And if they didn’t I would again look for someone that could make one.


I think LE and security are just now peripherally becoming aware of the application of shotgun slugs & sabot rounds as a tactical and useful round. Law Enforcement and military has always been half a step behind the hunting community when it comes to small arms for as long as militia has deployed the firearm.


In my opinion there is nothing as devastating as a 1oz slug accurately placed on a target at mid-ranges [25 - 100 yrds]


The infamous Hollywood bank robbery in 1997 would have been completely different if some of those officers had been trained and equipped with 12Ga slug launchers. The body armor the BG were wearing probably would have prevented mortal wounds, but I believe that they would have been incapacitated. How many slugs to the groin can YOU take even wearing IIIA armor :eek: ?



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Tucker where did you see slug barrel in the m3 specks? As far as I know there are 3 barrels only for the M3 two 20's with cylinder bore (1 ghost and 1 rifle sights) and the 26 inch with removable chokes. If there is a rifled I would love to have one.


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Check out the Beretta link and click on the picture of the M3.The two photos at the bottom of the page show the M3's action selector IN THE WRONG POSITION!!!!


The caption on the left should read MANUAL PUMP ACTION.


The caption on the right should read SEMIAUTOMATIC FUNCTIONING MODE


This gun is so confusing even the manufacturer cant get it right!!! :D

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originally posted by tucker301:



Originally posted by jmikesteen:




Blue Collar Comedy Tour would probably kill you outright.

Ahem umm whats the Blue Collar Comedy Tour? :confused:


If you think this makes me sound like I have been living in a cave for the past 25 years you'd be right.

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