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M4 mag extention pic


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The OEM ones look fine, but the issue is why would you buy one on gunbroker for $400+ when you could get a stronger, lighter, full length titanium tube for half that?


Nodakspud used to make a nice one as well with OEM finish, but I beleive they have gone out of business ... a few other people make them as well, but I have not seem them first hand, so I won't comment.


For what it's worth, at one time I had 5 or 6 OEM +2 extensions and I sold them all off at $500 or so a piece ... this was before just about anyone was offering full length tubes, so it was +2 extension or nothing.


Now that full length tubes are readily available, I can think of very few situations where a +2 would be preferable.

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Thanks for the reply I just thought the OEM would be factory color and easy to put on. They are about $200 now still too much but factory. I like the full-length tube and may get one but wanted to see a pic of factory first. Also what tubes finish matches best? Thanks

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Thank you for the pic could not find one anywhere. One more question do you need a new after market spring? or does the OEM work fine


My OEM spring worked just fine with my 5 round tube, my +2 extension and my 7 round full length tube.


Others have had various problems ... but now there is a simple solution, Kip sells a full length mag spring made to the proper specs ... I picked one up a bit ago from him just for the heck of it, as I figured it would eliminate a potential source of failure.


My review is here:



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I used the original spring with the +2 extension for the entire 10k life span of my M4. I gave the old spring away with the factory tube when I sold it since Kip's Ti tube comes with the replacement.


Mandatory upgrade? No. I'd skip buying the extension honestly. The extension makes it harder to reinsert the barrel since the barrel always hung up on the lip between the magazine tube and the extension. Minor complaint, but annoying.

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