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Oversized Charging Handles.. KZ vs GG&G


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GG&G sucks.


It's not strong, it bends, it weighs a ton, it rotates, its too big, it just sucks.


I don't know what KZ is, but Kip is going to start offering handles that mirror the specs of the now out of business PMT/Design Concepts handle, which I have currently (it is bad as s)

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Found the KZ at botachtactical.com\kzbechha.html


Looks suspiciously similar to the GG&G unit, but hopefully does not rotate. Not sure if it does or doesn't from description/pics. While a lightweight handle like you have would be great, not sure how long it will take Kip to get around to getting some units produced for his. I assume he's using titanium for this application as well instead of the steel most others use?

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A visual comparison of the two shows that they are similar. They both would apparently rotate freely.


The KZ is slightly smaller and tempered differently, but those differences are relatively minor. Given the options of KZ, GGG, and stock, I decided to wait with the stock handle until I could get my hands on a different quality replacement.

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I took a look at Botachs offerings from KZ...


This one (below) http://www.botachtactical.com/kzbechha.html will rotate all day and then some.




---------------------------------------------------------------Look ma, no cuts! ^^^^


This one (below) http://www.botachtactical.com/kzbeerchha.html will not rotate.




Flat face ^^^^ so you can tell it's a tri cut design.


You can tell by looking for the flat, 3 sided cuts in the leading face of the bolt handle.


If it has the cuts, that's where the ball detent rests and prevents the handle from spinning easily.


If it does not have the cuts, there is nothing for the ball detent to grab, so it spins freely as all surfaces are even.

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