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What is in the Benelli Tips folder?



  1. Don't point Benelli at face
  2. Don't stick anything in end of Benelli barrel. ( even if your alone.)
  3. Don't leave Benelli without oil for more than 10 mins.(It will rust.)
  4. Don't plan on shooting Benelli strait. Benelli shoots to high and to far to the left.
  5. Don't shoot light target loads though Benelli, They will not cycle.
  6. Without the recoil reducer, Benelli kicks way to hard.
  7. Shoot only the longest barrel you have or Benelli will not pattern right and you will not be able to shoot long distance.

Anything else Tucker?:rolleyes:

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We've already filled the quota on that excuse. :rolleyes:

Yea, and the quota-reacher never did improve. But we haven't heard much from him lately. Must have discovered girls. Good for him AND us. We all tried real hard to help him but some folks appear to be "un-fixable."




Novaking should be allowed a spelling goof or two, given his longevity and contributions. We're all gonna' do that from time to time.

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