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R1 and holding a zero...


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Have had no problem at all. I have, however, switched to a DeadNutz base and ring system which ensures a basically solid mount.


However, there was just an article in NRA magazine about the effects of cleaning a gun, and it was interesting for me because I experienced much the same differences. After cleaning my R1's barrel with a Bore Snake, I'll be off 1/4 to 1/2" on the next first, cold barrel shot. After that first shot I'm right back on zero. After a full takedown cleaning, I'll be off by maybe 1" on the first cold-barrel shot. Incidentally, in both cases this first shot will be high.


But after that first shot, I'm right back to zero. So, just before hunting season, I'll finish my last range session with a couple "fouling" rounds, making sure they are spot-on, and then leave it till after hunting is done.


This is not a unique problem with just the R1 - it's true of every gun, whether rifle, pistol, or revolver.


Uncle Russ

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