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Shell catcher??


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Don't know of one for that model, but you can make a makeshift one out of a heavy rubber band (like the ones they use to bundle broccoli in the grocery store) and place it around your receiver, partially blocking the ejection port at the front.


Not kidding.


Place it so the bolt will completely close, but when the bolt opens, the front of the ejection port is blocked.


Looks goofy, but it works.


T&S makes shell catchers for Remington 1100's and Beretta 390/391's. But I don't know of anyone who makes a catcher or deflector for a M2.

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Hey all,


I have a Benelli M2 and use it for Trap shooting. Anyone know how to make or what is a good shell catcher for this model?

now I bought the birchwood casey shell catcher and its awful well for me atleast mested up my sight alignment for competition cost me alot of targets just bad, so since its required I have a catcher my mom actually took elastic and sewed it to the exact size so i just slide it on and off wen needed no tape just like a rubber band but not a big blue or some color sticking out, my gun is black so she got black elastic, just a sugestion

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The catcher Birchwood Casey makes works great on any auto shotgun, a little bending and it catches every shell, i have one working on a 20 ga. Benelli super sport, It must be mounted flat to the reciever to work, and a slight bit lower on the opening.

I didnt like it it fits nice on sporting guns the guy who took it from me put it on his berreta trap, it dont fit field guns real well and if your serius shooter it can mess up your sight alignment

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