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All Briley chokes.

First Test: 25 yards; SK choke; BBL rest;

Win. Super Target; 1145 FPS; 2&3/4 Drams; 1&1/8 Oz, #8

Rem. Gun Club; 1145 FPS; DRAMS not stated; 1&1/8 OZ. #8


REM gives better patterns! Got this result with Benelli chokes too!


Second Test: 25 Yards, IC Choke; BBL rest; same ammo as above.



REM gives better patterns! Got this result with Benelli chokes too!


Now for the Problem:


Third Test: 36 Yards, MOD Choke; BBL rest; Win. High Brass Game Load; 3&3/4 Drams; 1&1/4 Oz. #4

The pattern was not the best BUT the pellets hit mostly to the RIGHT of the aim point!


Fourth Test: Same as 3rd but with FULL Choke.

Not the best pattern and right of center again!


I can not see any OBVIOUS pattern to the right at 25 yards with the low brass ammo.

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The first thing I would do is to try a different brand of high brass shells. I would also try the low brass shells through the full and mod. chokes to see where those end up. If the low brass shells shoot to point of aim, then a different brand of high brass might solve the problem. It is not unusual for this to happen, that's why it is so important to pattern a gun with what you intend to shoot out of it. Let us know how it works out.. Good luck.

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Hognutz, I tried your suggestions! FIRST I did a test at 7 yards (I found a posting where the guy said 5 yards but I set the target frame up at 7) and fired trap/field rounds through all the chokes from CLY to Full (8 Briley's). Designed to test for straight barrel. IF shot is off center even a small amount might be barrel or choke.

RESULT: All chokes except FULL knocked the center out of the quarter sized black dots. FULL was some minor amount to the RIGHT of Center, but not always.

CONCLUSION: Shooting right of center "might" be a F choke problem or maybe the shooter...


TEST 2: 32 Yards; variable was ammo type; FULL choke. For 30 years I have shot Win. Model 12, MOD. choke and Win. #4's with great success. I have at least 10 boxes left. Last March I bought a new Benelli Cordoba, 30" BBL; Synthetic. I have shot it many times at trap and skeet with fair results. I suspect the shooter here again. Had great success with Benelli at #7 steel (Indiana requirement on State property) on doves. Limit out for 2 days. NOw getting ready for pheasant season.


Test involved 3 ammo types: Win. #4; Win. Double X Mag. #5; Remignton Nitro Pheasant #5.

RESULT: Pattern is definately better for Win. and Rem. #5! Does copper plated make that much difference?? Inconsistant results on POI; some to right of center but others just fine. Probably the shooter again. Same results with MOD choke.


Test 3: Full choke, 35 yards, Win. Super Target #8 and REM. Gun Club #8, same OZ. and speed.

RESULT: REM. pattern some better, once again inconsistant POI.


OVERALL Conclusion: tested REM. ammo patterns better than tested WIN. in the Benelli EXCEPT the copper plated WIN was great. POI error to the right is probably the shooter. The FULL choke might be a part of the problem. Need more testing to determine F choke issue.


Shotgun pattern process with field / Mag. loads is punishing. Would it be wise to invest in a gun rest to eliminate shooter error?????

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A gun rest is always a good investment. They are not that expensive, and will last you a lifetime. I use mine all year around for sighting in deer rifles, turkey guns and loads,etc. Sounds to me that the gun is really shooting pretty good, and the right and left is probably shooters error. If you can live with the way it shoots then you are good to go. Keep shooting it and you will know if it's right or not. Sounds like you are pretty close to where you want to be, especially on the doves. One shot left and the next one not, does not indicate a bad choke or barrel. Don't over complicate the situation and see what happens. I call that paralysis by analysis. You may be fixing what is not broke... Good luck.

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Make sure that the barrel doesn't twist when you put it up. On both my SBEII and SuperSport, I had a problem shooting to the left because the off center back of the gel pad made the barrel twist slightly when I put it up where is was comfortable. This caused the middle "sight" to be slightly right of the front sight. I switched to LimbSavers on both guns. The recoil is much lighter and the "twisting" problem went away. I'm not a big fan of the Benelli gel pads. I have available all three LOP if anybody want's to buy one.

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Yes, over analysis. I did however notice a definate pattern benefit with those copper plated shot. Thanks for the replies.

Great.. Looks like you can use the low brass whenever necessary, and the high brass copper plated when you go after the bigger game. Your quite welcome. I'm glad it worked out for you.

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