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M1014 Collapsable Stock - How to successfully make it collapsable!

Flame Red

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Here are the results of my conversion or my M1014 to make the stock fully collapsible.


To review, about a month ago I sent my Benelli M1014 to Bob Cogan, a noted gun smith in Tampa that has done some wonderful work for me before. He and his staff are true artists.


He did a lot of research and decided that the best way to do this conversion was to machine the existing recoil can. This is because he did not want to apply the necessary heat to remove the recoil can from the receiver and chance ruining the springs. He was unable to get the LEO recoil can from Benelli. He did obtain some diagrams of the LEO can, and performed the modifications himself.


It came out wonderful!


The stock can be removed the same way as before the modification.


The way Bob did it, the stock has two positions that it locks - fully extended and fully collapsed. To move the stock, you must push in the lock button and twist the stock. Then the stock can be slide back and forth.


It might have been nice to have a third lock position in the middle between fully extended and fully collapsed. But Bob did not do that because he tried to model it after the original LEO can. He also provides a $25 option to but in a middle lock position. Definately worth it!


He could not refinish the can in the original ‘green' finish that Benelli had. The stainless steel is left ‘unfinished’.


Bob charged $120, plus shipping to do this modification.


Bob can be contacted @ http://www.apwcogan.com/expanded_menu.htm. His phone number is 727-796-5583.


Here it is fully collapsed:




Here it is fully extended:




Here is a good view of how he milled it so that it could slide:




Here is a good view of how he cut in the stops:




One other note, I did not take it out yet and give it a good use yet, but it feels real solid. I don't think I will have any problems with it as a result of this modification. There is no play in the stock when it is locked.


:D :D :D


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One other thought. The recoil can is made from stainless steel. I am thinking of just using 000 steel wool to remove the finish off the entire recoil can. It will give it a brushed look. Since stainless steel should never rust anyway.


That way I do not have to worry about any finish wearing off.

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One other note! I was wrong when I stated that the stock could not be removed. It can! It comes off the same way it always did. No need to remove any pins or anything.


I also spoke to Dave at Accurate Plating, if you pay an extra $25, they will add a third notch so that the stock will lock in the middle! That will make it three positions that it will lock in.


Also, they had tried Gun Kote on it, and it was too abbrasive for it to work properly. I think it is fine as it is, but it would also look nice with the green finish removed and just raw stainless steel.


And it is definately not a POS!

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