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Best Slug for SBE Slug barrel


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I saw that. It look like the shooter was using a smooth bore. Never looked at the barrel of an M-4. You can pay alot of extra $ and not se any better results. The sabots are sold to be better but I didn't know if any one had tried some.

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as long as the SBE or M4 comes with the rifled choke tube like the M1S90 used to come with you can shoot sabots with no problem, if your choke tube is not rifled then you might as well throw your money out the window buying sabot slugs.


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Thanks to all for your Info. I will hunt down some winchester sabot and try the hornaday's One more ? 2 3/4'' or 3''.

Just ordered an aim point 9000SC can not wait to try it.


Oh only 2 tags where I hunt. I was reading guys shootuing ten+ deer in a season. Some places I hunt your lucky to see a couple of deer in a week. then there usually running threw the hardwoods with a hound right behind!

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