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Super Black Eagle II Bead site adjustment

Bill Kemp

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I just purchased a Super Black Eagle II and would like to ask if anyone knows how the little bead site is placed in the middle of the barrel.


It appears to be slightly off of centre and I was wondering if it can be adjusted. Can anyone answer the following questions:


1. Is the bead (back site) screwed in, pressed in, or glued into place.


2. It appears as though the little ball of the bead is not exactly in the centre of the base of the site. Is this on purpose. IE can it be rotated so that it moves so that it can be rotated into perfect sighting alignment?


3. How would a person adjust, or remove this bead site so that it is exactly in the centre of the vented ramp.


Thanks for all of your help.


Newbie Benelli owner.


Bill Kemp :)

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First of all, welcome to the world of Benelli!! Secondly, I'm not sure how the mid bead is anchored. What I would do before I got too crazy about moving the bead a couple of thousanths, is to go and pattern the gun. When that is done, shoot some trap, birds or whatever. You will probably find that you look right over the mid bead when shooting, not even seeing it. I would guess that some use it, but I would also guess that most don't. I do not.

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By chance are you left handed shooting a right handed gun or vice verse? I am left handed, my M2 20 being a right handed gun, the middle bead has so far, miss alined with the front bead it was distracting. So I changed to the stock locking plate for DX to SX and they line up now.

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Hello everyone:


Thanks for all of the info. I was able to unscrew the bead very easily and when done I noticed that the little ball on the end was not exactly 100% centred.


I then put it back in, this time with removable locktite and centred the bead perfectly.


I know that this seems very minor but I like everything I own to be absolutely perfect.


Thanks again for all of the assistance.



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