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Sako is much better, i own an Sako Finnlight and its the best buy i ever done, whit a good scope you can hit birds at 250 Yards, I would recomend you to buy a Sako, you can relie on it. Those extra money really pays off in quality and reliebility

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As I understand it, the Tikka T3's match the Sako's in mechanics and function. Made by the same folks in the same factory.


If I couldn't do any better than hitting a bird at 250, I'd sell my Savage immediately.

Prairie dogs at 1,000 yds. are not all that uncommon ;)

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tucker is correct . Both are made in Finland, in the same factory. Sako's do have some higher tolerances but the T3 is a nice piece just the same. My buddy has a T3 tactical with adjustable stock, cheekrest, etc. It shoots very well. However one of my favorite guns happens to be Sako TRG-42 chambered in .338 lapua mag. (in od green of course) Hit the gym before you attempt to shoulder the.338 lapua mag round. TRUST ME. That particular round has one **** of a kick.

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