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I shoot my SBEII dry....slightly lubed. Does fine that way. I broke mine in with four boxes of low power ammo rather than high power/high priced....and it's never jammed. Also, cleaned it good straight outta the box. Though I don't have 'monte', I suggest you experiment with it a little and see what works for you. Like my truck, it calls for a certain weight oil.....but of course we all have our suggestions on brand, etc. Play with it.


Also, funny your #2 post on this website would be one that bashed Benelli..... Okay tucker301, he's yours now....I don't think the upper crust rule applies here. ;)


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This website is not a substitute for their instruction manual and/or customer service department.


If you want to glean useful info from this website, read all the old posts and/or use the search feature for cleaning advice.


Page 16 & 17 of my SBE II manual covers all I will ever need to know about trouble shooting, breaking in, ammunition, and maintenance.


Pretty much common sense....


mudhen - CA

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Originally posted by EFLOYD:

Okay tucker301, he's yours now....I don't think the upper crust rule applies here. ;)

I've been taking the scraps all my life. Not a problem.



If you don't like Benelli, don't buy Benelli. Since you already bought a Benelli, see if someone will trade you even for a Mossberg or some other brand with a pretty website.


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