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extra barrel


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I do not see SBE II barrels at Cal's. I see no SBE II barrels on E-Bay or anywhere else I usually search.


I would guess, just guess, that a new SBE II barrel would take at least 6 months to arrive if ordered today, maybe a year if the particular barrel you want is not in production or out of stock in Italy.


So far the gel buttpads are a no-show for dealers, the new choke tubes are likely unavailable until 2006, and very few, if any, parts for the SBE II are showing up anywhere as a dealer part.


I am pleased that Benelli seems to quickly handle all the warranty requests like; tight safeties, wrong choke tube wrenches, undersized gel-pads, etc.


mudhen - CA

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I contacted Benelli and here is their reply:


Dear Sir,


Depending upon which barrel finish you are specifically referring too we can

say that we have 2 out of the 3 variations of barrels in stock (Black &

Max-4 - In stock, HD Timber - Out of Stock).


Additionally, Sir we cannot respectfully discuss any dealer account

information with anyone except the dealer's themselves. At this point we

have to refer you back to the dealership in question to inquire as to why

this barrel has not arrived in the store. We apologize for your






Customer Service Dept.



-----Original Message-----

From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Friday, May 20, 2005 10:17 AM

To: [email protected]

Subject: BenelliUSA.com Comment



When can I expect the 28" shotgun barrel for my SBE2 slug gun, which I

ordered with xxxxxxxxxxx on 2/5/05???? Three months doesn't do much for customer satisfaction!!!


=================================I mentioned my dealer in the hope that they would ship my barrel out to the dealer more quickly ... not because I have any gripe with the dealer.


[ 05-24-2005, 09:43 AM: Message edited by: Butch-M ]

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No on the Butch-M & duckhunter 888 being the same person. duckhunter seems to hail from Texas; I'm from the Atlantic flyway. I have not had a chance to take this e-mail reply from Benelli over and see what the dealer has to say. I suspect Benelli sales department may be leaving out some information about how often they ship to dealers; how MANY barrels they have "in stock:" how many are spoken for already; where my dealer's order sits on the list of back orders to be filled by Benelli; and finally ... I have to wonder a bit if Benelli might have a sales philosophy about making their product difficult to procure??? The high cost fits that scenario. I'm not aware of the breakdown of their product sales either. Perhaps SBEII is not a major focus; with other guns getting more production time. I contacted a few on line dealers who you might think sell more Benelli stuff than my guy; thereby having more "pull" with Benelli ... none of them had an SBEII barrel either. They were vague about their next delivery. My guy had told me their deliveries were running about 60 to 90 days from Benelli normally. He's not far out of that frame yet. Frankly, I wasn't expecting the barrel before about July.

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Called Benelli today, and they stated on backorder for more than 30 days. Note-I am looking for the HD Timber in 26" for the SBE2. Placed an order with a dealer today, and will wait it out. There is no other option that I see unless someone wants to post it up. I am just trying to get the barrel prior to duck season, so I like my chances of that.

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