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M4 Desert Camo - Q about color of top rail


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Guys, I have a question about the top rail on the M4. On the Benelli website it shows that the rail and rear sight are camo to match the rest of the gun.


But it looks like they are only sold with a black rail and rear sight. Does anyone have the story on this? I would call Benelli but it's the weekend. I had one of these ordered until I found out that the rail was going to be black. It would just be going in my collection so I can afford to be picky.


Why would Benelli have the gun pictured with a camo rail but sell them with a black one?


Comparison of the two:





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Hi Quickbiscuit, There does seem to be some small inconsistencies between the pics on the site and the firearms people are getting. I know forum members Lisa and Huntn7 recently had issues with their guns not having a mag tube sling mounting stud when ones had been pictured on the website.



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So I've spoken with Benelli the last two days about various issues, and I asked two different representatives about the M4 top rail. The young lady yesterday told me that it was a "photoshop thing" and that the M4 would always have a black rail and rear sight...


The gentleman today flat out told me that Benelli did that to make the gun look better on the website! How about that? He agreed that the picture was misleading and also said that Benelli was finished with the design of the M4 and that there would be no more cosmetic or mechanical changes to the model.


So I sucked it up and ordered one anyway today. If I can find some paint to match the desert camo I may paint it myself. Any ideas on where to get matching paint?

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