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New Barrel for my M4S90


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Well, my new barrel for my M4S90 arrived. Set it upside down on my glass table top and narry a wiggle. This one is dead-nuts on as far as the front sight goes.


While out and about the other day I tested some M4's at my local gun stores. 2 out of 3 wobbled upside down on the gunstore's glass countertop. This is a bit of a disturbing trend. In one case, I handed the M4 to the guy behind the counter and asked him, which way, if any the FSB was leaning. He looked for 10 seconds and said "left". This confirmed both how it looked to me and how it wobbled on the glass display case top.


This is disconcerting, but nice to know Benelli fixed mine and it is now 100%. Door to door was roughly 14 days including an insane 6 day time when it was in UPS's hands coming to me from MD.

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2 out of 3.....? Not so good... Hopefully Benelli CS passes this stuff on to the factory so they can tighten up the QC on this issue. Congrats though on the 14 day turn-around. Now you have all the pieces to your puzzle. Looking forward to seeing a pic.



Hookster :)



Well, 2/3+ mine failed the balance test. They were not mic'ed out like I did mine (I didn't see the point, I was just curious, but I mic'ed mine out before I called Benelli). So I don't want to say DEINITIVELY 2 out of 3 were messed up, but that's pretty much how it looked to me.


Cheap cell-phone pix coming inside the hour.

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