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Turkey Chokes


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Mudhen put me onto Indian Creek. He has tested them all at least once and swears by Indian Creek. I purchased one last week, but have not gotten the Hevi 13 #6 to shoot out of it yet. So my testing will have to wait until I get the shells. I think it would be a great place to start. Mudhen puts his time in on patterning. I would take his advice anytime...Good luck.



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If you don't want to spend 100 bucks on a choke, try going with the jellyhead choke. Indian creek chokes are great but there are good chokes out there for less.


Absolutely! The Primos Jellyhead was my choke of choice for years in my SBE II. Worked well with Winchester XR #6's. Money well spent for around $40.


The Indian Creek choke matches up better with the EM H-13 #6's in my opinion.


You might want to drop a dime and call Stuart and/or Mike at Indian Creek and ask them what they would recommend for your SBE II :)

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If you want a great performing choke for under $30 get Carlson's extended full choke (.695).

Agreed, but all of the before mentioned chokes are very nice, when paired with the right gun and ammo. Remember that even though you may have the same gun, it can perform differently with identical setups. They are all a little different, kinda like fingerprints.

Good Luck!

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