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Barrel Lengths


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I've got the new gun bug really bad. Most all of my shotguns hav a 28 inch barrel. I understand that 26 inch barresl may be a little lighter and allow the shooter to get on target quicker. What are positives of the 30 inch barrel over shorter barrels? Maybe I should get the new Super Sport II in 30 inches

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I have a 28" SBEII ... and wish I would have ordered the 26," even though it's primarily a waterfowl barrel. There is no difference in physical performance between 26" to 32" barrels ... so other than the "sight plane" of a longer barrel possibly helping a wing shooter swing and follow through more consistently, and/or the shorter barrel coming up onto target a little quicker/easier on quail & grouse ... and turkey hunting; it's personal preference.


My suggestion is try to get the gun in your hands in all the barrel lengths you are considering ... and see which "feels" best to you. :cool:

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The SBE has a long "receiver section" which extends the sight plane a bit longer than the same area of most autos. Because of that fact and the relatively short forearm, I have found that a 26" barrel is perfect for me.


In a hunting shotgun, I don't see any advantages at all for the 30" barrel.

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I think that you're both correct. Getting additional sight plane is about it. I thought that some one may try to tell me that a longer barrel may give you faster velocities or even that it may give you better/different patterns at longer ranges. I suppose that neither are true.


In the duck blind, I do not like to hunt with guys that use barrels shorter than 28 inches. The reason is that the shorter barrels and ported barrels can ring your ears. I realize you might be thinking I need to wear hearing protection and I do, but I have been rung by more 26 and shorter guns than I have 28 or longer. Thanks guys for your replies.

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I don't really buy into the increased sight plane theory. It's a shotgun shooting at close ranges, not a precision rifle. That and you're just pointing rather than aiming, taking fast shots. I think some like the longer ones for the swing feel. Longer barrels won't give you tighter patterns. Look at all the turkey guns with 20" barrels. I personally prefer a shorter barrel and my latest shotgun is a 24". I think 30" and 28" and kind of impractical for real hunting use unless you just drive up to your spot and get out. Wouldn't want to lug a 30" through thick brush!

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Originally posted by 00buck:

I think 30" and 28" and kind of impractical for real hunting use unless you just drive up to your spot and get out.

That's pretty much how it works with a lot of duck blinds. Or at least with the ones we drive our boats to.

The question was posed by a duck hunter.

Don't assume everyone is turkey hunting and walking through the bushes.


In pass shooting, the longer barrel gives a smoother swing and follow through, as well as making the target appear to be closer than it is.

It's a matter of perspective, and the longer barrel changes the perspective to the advantage of the hunter.


I use a 26" for waterfowl and turkeys.

There are times when I'd like a 28" in the blind, but the 26" is a good all-around length for me.


As others have stated, sight planes on semi-autos and pumps are longer due to the longer receivers.

In fact, the sight plane on a 30" O/U and 28" semi-auto are about the same, with a slight advantage going to the semi-auto.




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