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raised rib on field guns?


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Could anyone give me insight as to the purpose of the raised rib on some benelli shotguns? I have a nova and I shoot it very well on still targets (turkey heads), but can not seem to wing shoot with it very well. When I tried my buddies 11-87 with a flat rib I seemed to do better, but , I DON"T WANT AN 11-87. They felt cheap. I'm interested in trading on an M2, but it also has a raised or ramped vent rib. Can anyone help me to understand what the purpose of this rib is , or maybe tip me off to some sighting errors I might be making?

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It's all in how the gun fits you. The raised rib on Benelli's is due to the smaller drop they put on the stock. Europeans don't like much drop. I have an SBE with low rib and can't hit anything, I need a barrel with the raised rib.


When I bring the gun up to my shoulder I am looking at the whole barrel instead of down the barrell.

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First ... I think I read somewhere that a raised rib helps with heat wave dissipation over your sight plain. Sort of makes sense. Hitting with a shotgun is about 95% how a gun "FITS" you. The best money you could possibly spend on any shotgun is getting yourself "measured" and then have the stock cut, bent, shimmed, whatever necessary to fit those measurements. When you're finding one of your guns is hitting better than another, I will guarantee you it is the gun that happens to fit you better. It points where you see naturally when you mount it to your shoulder.

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