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Which EOTech for M4 1014?


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I have a 512a65 on mine I just got about a month ago so I have not got to really put it to the test yet but on the advice from Duggan got one and must say I love it compared to the reflex sight that I thought was pretty good. I got the one that takes regular AA batteries because I can take batteries out of the TV remote if I had to :D and yes it will fit right on the pic. rail without any other aftermarket stuff unless you need to raise the sight up higher in which case I'm sure Duggan will follow up with a post to recommend one to you :cool: I will advise you though that the factory mounting thumb screw that comes with the Eotech blows! any throw lever mount is the way to go. you can't go wrong with any of the Eotech sights that you might decide on.

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Originally posted by HotelSierra:

What is the best EOTech sight for an M4 1014?


Will this sight mount directly to a M4 1014? Or is there another accessory required for mounting?



Other than the Eotech, which is a excellent sight, I think you should take a look at the new LaRue tactical "IronDot" MicroDot sight/mount combo: LaRue IronDot with LOW profile mount I have one of them with the LOW profile version mount on order from LaRue, and they should start shipping in the next two weeks. It will be lower than the Eotech, and will allow a more conventional cheekweld. The Pride/Fowler dot sights have been out for a little while now, and have received good reviews from all that have gotten their hands on them. I also trust Mark LaRue to the point that I know he WILL NOT ALLOW a sub-standard product out of his shop. Or even a sub-excellent one ;)



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Originally posted by giantsquid:

Does the Larue mount raise the Eotech high enough on an M4 to use the iron sights as a backup?

NO. You wont be able to use the irons with the Eotech installed on the rail. BUT! The LaRue mount is a QD (Quick Detach) design, and it can be installed and removed in seconds, and it will return to zero each time.
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