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Super Black Eagle II Wood Stock?


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What do you think of the wood stock? Very high quality stock? Really much a difference in recoil compared to ComforTech? How much do synthetic or wood stocks cost separately? I also have never even seen one at a dealer to get the feel, so just wondering what some of your opinions are as well.

My Dad has a SBE with the wood stock and it is not only amazing but it feels sooooo Great! Do yourself a favor and get one with the wood, unless your going to be thrashing through the woods, where you will get a lot of scratches. Works or Art! And the kick is not really that noticeable between the wood and ComforTechs IMO. A really heavy load will def be a difference but shooting clays and upland is no biggie....;)

Good Luck!

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It depends on your intended use, or more importantly, abuse.

If you're strictly an upland bird hunter, the wood should be fine.

My duck guns take too much of a beating to trust wood.

The Benelli wood stocks can be pretty thin and hollow.


My R1 stock cracked on its first day afield.

Benelli made it good, but I had to hunt with a cracked stock until the replacement arrived.

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I mainly hunt around water so the obvious choice is synthetic but I love the wood look how much is a synthetic stock purchased separately? How difficult is it to swap out? Any suggestions on where to buy? Thanks for your time and info. as you can see im kind of on the fence with this one.

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