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Deer season a washout this year!


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I was a set for a great deer season and then it happened...... First a wisdom tooth acted up and that required oral surgery, and then the flu. Can you imagine here it is the last day of the season and I have not gotten out yet. I will not either as I feel terrible. Guess that there will be next year.


Well going to get back to coyotes next week I hope.

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yeah.. it was ******** this year in virginia. the weather was weird this season and the deer didnt even start rut until after rifle season was over! bastards. I had the flu but it was in early bow season so i didnt care, but them luck sumbitches got it good now, the rut is going smoothly as it is 4 degrees outside and it finally FEELS like deer season.


i feel your pain.

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Even with all of the corn still standing, the harvest was pretty good here.


My first season out with "The Predator", smooth barrel and rifled slugs, I had a straight shot at a nice buck, but it was about 95 yds. The very next day, I missed a good doe, shooting low with the bead sight + my cruddy eyesight.


For the 2010 season, I decided to take it up a notch! ;)





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The warm weather caused a late rut this year and I did not get to tag out...The coyotes are really destroying the deer herds here in Maine...:mad:

Everywhere you look in the woods now is piss with blood in it...And muzzle loading season just ended...BOOOOOO! Those does are in full heat!

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