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  1. I was thinking why my experiences with shot size seems to be different than everyone else and I believe it is because of the area I shoot pheasants. The typical shot for me is 20-25 yards and usually in thick woods or brush. If I'm lucky I get one shot and that is about it. I tend to get on them quickly and shoot a skeet choke all the time. It seems like most everyone else has longer ranges and maybe more open terrain. For the past 3 days I have gotten a bird a day with this method and when hit they are down with usually 8 or more pellets hitting the bird. Just my thoughts and your terrain may be different and your choke is probably different. Well 2 more days to the season and it is raining right now but clearing so I'm getting ready to go out for more birds.
  2. You need to buy some slugs and give it a try. There is no best slug as the person behind the gun is the most important item when it comes to shooting. I would shoot field postitions after sighting in the gun as that is what you will do and if you can hit a pie plate using field postitions at 100 yards then you can get into the vitals of a deer.
  3. Nice deer.... I have to wait until this Monday for gun season to open. Archery is open right now but I have been after pheasant and only scouting for the deer. Have seen the same buck 4 times in the past few weeks and 2 nice does a couple of times. Soon as the season opens I will probably see nothing.... got my spots picked out and stands in place... Thanks for posting the pics...
  4. I use an Aimpoint even though I have an M2 with the ghost ring sight on it. It will shoot like a rifle out to 100 yards with that red dot.
  5. ArtL

    Benelli MR-1

    Didn't you get the manual with the MR1? They explain how this is done and when I followed the instructions it went together easily. Get the manual if you don't have one.
  6. My loads with 7 1/2's have bagged numerous birds so far this year. I use an M2 - 20 gauge with 7 1/2's and never look back. Maybe shooting trap and skeet most of the year helps. I never find the pellets in the birds but we shoot in heavy cover so most shots are close.
  7. I bought an MR1 about 3 months ago and it came with both apertures. Guess I'm luck but not sure on that. The rifle works great for me as I have put about 2K rounds though it so far with no problems and that is with all reloads. I don't do bench shooting except to sight it in so cannot say exactly what it does for groups, but during sight in it was definitely shooting 2" or better. I have take a couple of coyotes with it using iron sights at 100 yards give or take a few yards, and a couple more at 150 + yards with a low power scope. I may be lucky but with the rebate from Benelli I was able to buy the weapon for under a grand and felt that was good enough. I have AR15's and although I have used the M16 in combat I have never liked that weapons platform. It just never seem that good to me although my wife loves them. I don't find that they shoot any better than the MR1 and they do require more cleaning. I'm just glad to have the gun and use it all the time.
  8. I shot one a few days ago with a pheasant in her mouth. I have a feeling that the lack of pheasants to shoot is due to the abundance of coyotes in the area. They also love small dogs and cats... I look for signs saying Fluffy is missing and know what has happened..... get out the caller and go to work.
  9. How about this: http://thetruthaboutguns.com/2010/08/bryan-hyde/gun-review-benelli-mr1-tactical-rifle/benelli-mr1-with-burris-scope/ You might get a giraffe neck using it though as you will need to have something for a cheek weld
  10. I love shooting quail and use an M2 in 20 gauge with 8's or 9's with good luck.
  11. ArtL

    Is there any chance the there will be a forum for the MR1 rifle..... right now we have to post in the R1 section, but we could use our own forum....



  12. I use 7 1/2's with good luck but at time do use 6's.
  13. You are asking to much for it and you are probably not getting the gun into the pocket and it hurts. Have someone show you how to get the gun in the pocket before shooting. I finished shooting 50 rounds of slugs and 50 rounds of 00 buck with no problem, but if you don't have it in the pocket it will kick like ****.
  14. My house gun (rifle) needs to be able to hit a paper plate down the end of the hall, and my hunting rifle if it can hit the same plate at 200 yards is fine with me.... Do have a national match version of an M1A that is very accurate, but I don't care about group size as other than on the bench and maybe prone (if done right) field shooting and target shooting have very little in common...
  15. Mine does fine, but I shoot iron sights. I can do around 2" at 100 yards when I do my part and don't need a gun that can do much better anyway. My AR doesn't do any better either. Most people cannot hold 1 MOA even on the bench....
  16. Thanks for the very informative info... I will buy a couple of boxes and give the MR1 a test. I have only used brass in my AR's, Mini-14's so have no experience. I do see it used quite a bit on the range so I will be in the test mode. Thanks again
  17. The owners manual doesn't say if I can fire steel cased ammo in the MR1. Does anyone have any experience with steel cased ammo in this gun?
  18. I have had good luck with Choate over the years, mag extensions, flash suppressors, and many other items.
  19. I you do change the aperture on your MR1 be careful as you need 2 people. The spring that goes into the aperature is black like the rifle and must be squeezed into position to fit into the sight base. Then you need to put the screw back into position and tighten it up. I guess some people may be able to do this by themselves, but not easy. I use the wide (ghost ring) aperature as it give quick aquisition of targets, but not the best for small groups. I have put a red dot on the rifle right now (cheap one) but have an Aimpoint on order. So far I love the gun much better than my AR15 or Mini 14, or even the M16's I used in the military.
  20. Thanks......I want to change the aperture and go shooting tomorrow..... and now I can
  21. To change the apeature sight on my MR1 do I remove the windage screw and just insert the larger diameter apeature? No mention in the owners manual about this and cannot find the information on the Net. Thanks, Art
  22. I use #4 buck and a modified choke as it patterns best for me. I don't shoot over 40 yards, and I do use a shotgun all the time at night. We cannot hunt with a light so the shotgun gives me SOME margin for error. Not much but some error margin. I don't think I would take a shot over 40 yards, and 30 I feel is much better. Good luck and have fun. I used 223 in the day time for yotes...
  23. I do 1 oz in my M2 tactical for practice with no problems, but for 7/8 oz I use an M2 in 20 gauge
  24. ArtL

    My Benelli MR 1

    I will get a chance to see this rifle in a few days and I have a feeling it is going to speak to me, and you know what that means....... I guess I will have to see the cost and how much money is in the old back pocket. I just got the wife a M2 20 gauge so that took a pretty good hit on me....
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