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M2 Tactical and Mesa Tactical Sureshell Carrier


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I have a question for all of you out there more knowledgeable than me--which is probably everybody! I own an M2 Tactical I bought last year and I've been looking at Mesa Tactical's Sureshell shell carriers. They're marketing a rail-less version that anchors on one bolt. Does anyone have any experience and/or insight as to this product? Tx for your time.

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I got a Mesa Tactical carrier without the rail for my M1. They're marketed for both the M1 and M2.

I had two issues. First, the portion of the carrier that wraps around the receiver bumped into the rear ghost-ring sight housing. That was taken care of by a small amount of cutting on the carrier. However, when I attached the carrier to the receiver, the contour of the carrier didn't match the contour of the receiver. They provide a thin rubber piece that attaches to the back of the carrier up against the side of the receiver but that portion of the carrier did not come in contact with the receiver. Instead, the portion of the carrier that wraps over the top and bottom of the receiver didn't quite match and the carrier was held away from the flat receiver side.

I put my side-saddle back on.

My problems may be due to the fact that I have an older HK-marked M1. I don't know if current M2's have the same problems.

If you want a slightly used Mesa Tactical 6 round carrier to try out, you are welcome to it.


BTW, I've never had any issues with the side-saddle brand causing any malfunctions with the M1. I think most of the problems have occurred when the pin/bolt holding it on were tightened to much, causing the receiver to bind the internal workings. Never have I had an issue with primary function of the gun.

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