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LH SBE II + Pistol Grip??


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I have a 26" left-handed SBE II in Realtree APG. Any issues putting a steady grip on a LH gun? I only ask because, as other Southpaws can probably relate to, I've had plenty of things in life say "Fits all models," only to find out that it doesn't include the lefty version! Any fellow leftys done this modifcation to their SBE II?? Thanks in advance folks.



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It is a square block of metal that goes in the middle of the stock.There is no swivel used on the stock end when it is rigged up this way. If you run a bit more length in your sling strap, you won't notice much of a difference when it is on your shoulder, but if you run less, the gun will sit at a flat angle on your back. This can be awkward with a turkey vest on. I simply added a standard sling post to the bottom of the stock, so it rides like a normal gun. This is important to me, when a quick snap-shot may present itself.

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Just drill a small hole with the apropriate bit, on the bottom of the stock, about two inches from the tip of the recoil pad(Where most posts are normally) and install the post. You can then use a swivel on both ends of the gun, and can remove it whenever you want. A gunsmith can do this for under $20 for you(post included).

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what chad said.......why do you completely remove your sling when turkey hunting?


I'm just curious?


Jeff in SW Ohio


I've always done it. If I think I'll have more than a couple of minutes before he arrives; first thing I do is clear out debris at the base of the tree, next I get out the pruning shears and trim brush, grass, etc., then off comes the sling.


I guess it boils down to two things: (1) I don't want it to catch against my leg if I have to reposition, switch knees, etc., and (2) I don't want it to worry about it swinging/swaying if I need to do a quick re-position on a bird.

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