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MR1 with non PG stock?


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Hello Im new to this forum, but am a proud owner of both M2 and M4 tacticals. Im now looking at the MR1 now to add to the Benelli family.


The LOP on the PG stocks on the shotguns are a little long for me when going around corners and getting in and out of tight spaces, so Im planning on replacing them with the mesa tactical stock with shorter LOP next year. I assume the LOP is the same for the MR1 and I dont really like how the MR1 PG stock looks on the rifle.


So is Benelli or someone else planing on making a non PG stock like the comfortech? A retractable stock would be nice too, but not for the prices that the M4 stock goes for right now.

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The MR1 is 98% Beretta RX4 and both CAP and standard stock are available. Question is which one to use from what I can tell the MR1 stock is the same as my M2's. So in theroy anything that can fit the M2 should fit the MR1 as the rear of the trigger guard is finished and will look fine floating.

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I own a Benelli MR1 and I happened to run across this model with a telescoping stock on GunBrokers.com, Item #205569665. I asked the seller about the telescoping stock and he indicated that it was a Benelli item.

I have not found this listed for sale anywhere, but that’s not unusual as the MR1 tri-rail was also a hard item to find. I finally was able to purchase that from Brownells.

Does anyone know where I can buy the telescoping stock ?

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