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undertaker pattern


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First i want to publically thank quakerboy,tyson, and bignotti for all their advice and help!


The range finder said 32 yards, so give or take a couple yards for this fellas. over all im pretty happy! the redneck artwork was done by yours truly and all i had was duct tape and a black ball point! nooot bad for an 8X10 piece of paper! if i could have had a 30 inch circle i would have liked to have seen how much of the pattern was present.




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hahah well atleast you admit it! i will admit that im very proud of my gun and the way it patterns! from the day i got it ive treated it like a baby! I always put my patterns up where everyone can see em! and i clean it everytime it leaves the case! i polish the scope and shine up everything! I paniced the other day when i fell on some satanic ice and busted my ass along with slamming all my weight, (even though its only about 155) down on my scope! but i went and shot it to make sure it was still on, its was JUST FINE! great scope for the money! but i never would have gotten anywhere if it hadnt been for you guys and all your advice! with chokes,ammo,optics, techniques, and tips! thanks for all your help!

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