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SBE II paint issues - Please Help


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Hello All,


I purchased a Benelli Super Black Eagle II 2 years ago and I fired not more than 150 shots. Unfortunately, from the beginning, I noticed that the paint on the stock (around the trigger) has been coming off. Moreover, this season, the paint condition has drastically deteriorated beyond acceptable.


Couple of weeks ago, I sent the shotgun back to Stoeger Canada for repair, they have returned it as is and they justified the issue as normal wear! I find this ridiculous since I predict that in a year or so my stock will be black color and the rest of the shotgun is camo color. What is interesting though, only paint on plastic part is coming off! The paint on barrel has very good bonding


I wonder if any of you have similar issues with their SBE II and what are your suggestions. I paid approximatively $2400 for this shotgun and now it looks like crap! Too bad I was considering to purchase an R1 but now I hesitate …


Please note that I cleaned this shotgun carefully and I did not use any chemical or any other substance to damage the paint


I will try to post some pictures later on



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I believe that you should never clean the exteriors of cammo guns with gun solvents. Slovents are to be used inside cammo guns only as with time, they will extract the cammo film on the exterior of cammo guns. I clean mine with a damp cloth on the exterior only if it looks dirty.

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Unfortunately, no one is going to want to take responsibility. But it is probably poor surface prep, as stated by Novaking. You'll need to get the dealer involved, but don't rely on them. Keep after the manufacturer, as a lot of questions and take notes. i.e., who manufacturers the film, who responsible for the prep and application of the film? How is it dried and or cured? What type of failures do they have on record? Most of these questions they will not answer directly, but the squeaky wheel will get greased. If you can, use info from one manufacturer and take it to the other. The customers who sound the most educated and are professional in their arguments have better outcomes. Persistence is key, I work as a coatings consultant and specialist, guns aren't part of my trade. Nor are these types of films, but problems with any coating are in the prep work or lack there of 99% of the time. Furthermore the use of a coating that will react with solvents in this application should be unacceptable to Benelli.

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Thanks guys, I really like the SBE II (shoots and handle very well) but this issue is making this shotgun looks very cheap! I just cant believe that they have returned the shotgun as is

I won’t even bother mention about their horrible service (Stoeger Canada), they never answer their calls and finally I had to email them …

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