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Copper Plated Shot

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Copper plated shot is most commonly (except in a few cases) really just chilled shot with a copper wash. Its not truly "plated."


And it doesn't really do much of anything to help shot deformation or pattern better.


A lot of people will claim it reduces feather draw into the meat of downed birds, but I have not seen any evidence that would lead me to believe it is remarkably better than plain old lead.


In my field reloads, I use high antimony "magnum" shot from Remington or Lawrence, and it seems to work fine.


I know several folks who like the "top notch" copper plated pheasant loads from Federal, Remington, Fiocchi, etc. but I think they like them mostly because they're high velocity loads. These do work well.


Early season, just about anything will work. Late season where the shots are longer and the birds feathers are tougher, the heavy loads are recommended.



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