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forearm too tight.


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I got a new SBEII about a week ago and the forearm is real tight whtrying to put it on the Mag tube. The mag tube has plastic shavings on it when forced together. Is this just my gun or have others had this problem? Mine is a camo gun so it might be the dipping.

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Both of my SBElls were tight until I cleaned them 4 or 5 times and they are loosening up. I think you are right, these are both camo guns and it probably has something to do with the dipping proccess. Just wiggle it back and forth while pulling it down..............Hope you enjoy your gun as much as I do mine................Upland04

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better too tight than too loose guys .. gotta love precision!


My black SBE's fore is still tight as a frogs rear but it sees little use so its expected.


Tighter is better in my opinion 'cause I hate sloppy fitting parts held tight by a fastener... or in this case a magazine end cap.

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