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steel shot for turks


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He's in SW Georgia.

According to your state's publication, you have to use #2 or smaller shot. There is no stipulation on non-toxic shot, so you can use whatever suits you in that regard.


Steel 4's killed a gobbler for me while one a duck hunt Thanksgiving 2008, no problem.

He was gobbling on the ridge behind our blind and the ducks weren't doing much.

I crawled up the ridge and setup behind a big log.

I yelped by mouth and he came in strutting and gobbling. Yes, it was Thanksgiving.

I nailed him at about 20 yards and he rolled down the ridge like a sack of potatoes. He stopped rolling about 12 feet from the blind, dead as a doornail.


Steel isn't the best choice for turkeys, but it will do the job, as long as you know the limitations.

I like copper-plated lead 5's.

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