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Benelli M2 Magazine Problem


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I ordered a nordic component 8 shot extension tube for my M2.


Took it all apart to realsie i cant get the follower out because the tube is crimped!!!


Can i replace the existing tube so it is not crimped or what do i do?


I have an m2 in pieces, an extension and clamp BUT i can't get the factory (red) follower out because it is crimped to (to restrict it)!!!





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Its crimped just beyond the follower - thsi mean when u take out the end cap you can not remove the follower! So i cant isntall any type of extension sadly!


That's strange Steven, I haven't heard of this but it sounds like you would need to replace the entire tube with a full length tube (as opposed to a screw on extension) if you want to increase capacity.


Take Care,


Hookster :)

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how do i do that?


Hi Steven,


Your question above is a good one. I'm sure some full length OEM Benelli tubes for an M2 exist somewhere in the world but I don't know where to find one. I'm sorry I can't be of more help. :o


Is the crimp in the tube at the end of the threads so that if you screwed on the Nordic extension it would go on but the additional rounds would not be able to advance past the point where the extension screws on to the existing tube?


Do you have any pictures of the problem that you could post?


Take Care,


Hookster :)

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i will try and get a pic to show you soon.


it isnt crimped at the end it is crimped exactly two cartridge lengths up from the bottom of the tube where u load the shells into it.


from what i have read it is factory crimped to comply with UK firearms legislation.


The Nordic tube screws on ok but the cimped bit will not allow the follower to go up into it.


Its annoying like i have the tube on ebay atm if anyone is interested!





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I don't know much about UK laws but you might want to check to see if it is legal to have a full length (or just longer) tube on the gun before you go through the trouble of taking yours off.


That's right, anything more than 2 shells in the magazine and it's no longer on a shotgun certificate, you need a slot on your firearms certificate.


Good luck with your sale.

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