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M4 problems?


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Hello all, first post here. Am looking at new M4 at local dealer. Seems like I heard a few years ago about problems with M4 "bolt carriers" cracking, and having to use low pressure shells?


Maybe I'm remembering wrong. Does the current generation M4 have any durability issues such as these? Has Benelli made any changes to the design since inception?


Thanks so much in advance for your input. I like the ability to customize these as well. Kinda like a shotgun version of the AR! There seems to be an entire cottage industry that I wasn't aware of.


see ya

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damn, i threw away the benelli box, but i still have some stickers with code on it, 3 saying CANNA and 1 saying CARCASSA. couldn't find a "707" anywhere on it though.

isn't there a way to get the manufacturing date from the serial number?


Yeah, Look for the small square with two letters in it stamped in the receiver near the trigger guard. The date chart Tucker posted is in post #2 of this thread




2009 which is not listed is "CD"




Hookster :)

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