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My Benelli MR 1


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hello peeps! I had the chance to try my MR1 today and man this thing is amazing!!I tried to do some 5shot grouping and this is the best group i got at 100yds using 55gr remington factory load.

Its kinda hard to explain but i can barely feel the recoil its absolutely amazing..it was kinda funny when i took this video everybody got quite and just kinda waited until i was done with my mag...I did have a couple of FTE's that i think is magazine or ammo related..Anyway here is the video and it was a blast yah the barrel got really hot after i took this video..



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Congrats on your purchase! I plan on purchasing one within a month, therefore I am really interested in hearing more about the 'failure to eject' situations you experienced. Most impressive grouping as well! Can I assume this was done with the scope, and not the factory sights? Best!

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I will get a chance to see this rifle in a few days and I have a feeling it is going to speak to me, and you know what that means....... I guess I will have to see the cost and how much money is in the old back pocket. I just got the wife a M2 20 gauge so that took a pretty good hit on me....

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Guest MarkFillipos

Both are great, but I find fit is quite different between Beretta and Benelli. If you can find your way to shoulder both and choose from there I dont think that you can go wrong. One factor is recoil reduction - there is argueably less recoil in the gas-operated Urika especially if fitted with Kick-Off than the SBE although the new Comfort-Tech stock helps a lot. These features are, of course, only available in synthetic stocks though. Happy shopping-Croc

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