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So Im buying a new Benelli SuperNova Tactical for HD...


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Im finally gonna step to the plate!


I will be adding a few things to it after I get it... I would like to know what type of rails, mag extensions, light/laser combos + mounts you guys suggest.


I have seen a few Holo/Red dot scopes... but do you really need one of those for HD?


I will NOT be hunting or using the gun for anything else except maybe going to the shooting range to blow the carbon (buckshot) out every once in awhile.


Pictures and links to the places where I can get the stuff you guys suggest would be appreciated too!


Thanks to you all, looking forward to having some back-up to my Sigma 9mm. "just in case"


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Nice shotty... I put a tacstar +2 extension on mine. I haven't had a problem... Got the beneli rail, but it didn't fit so I am ordering the sureshell carrier on it. After that I am done and will only shoot the crap out of it. It would be nice to get a collapsible stock though...

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I have the money for a tank (LOL) if I wanted... but I want a pump. Thats what my old man had (RIP POPS) thats what I grew up shooting, thats what I want. Im sure there are some others that prefer a pump to a semi. Plus something about that sound when you load one into the chamber that BG's dont like to hear.

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