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M2 Choke & Load


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Greetings, This is my first official thread to this forum and I have a question that has probably been asked and answered a dozen times,,,, I recently purchased a M2 w/ 26" barrel for smokin long beards. Before I go buying a choke I am looking for what has worked for some of you folks that have a M2. I have a few boxes of 3" nitro 6's to try but if someone has a good combination I am all ears,,, Thanks for your help!

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I'd think that gun would like the JH in .660, Rhino in .660, etc. and maybe Win XR's in 6's, or something like that.


I myself, would call Stuart or Mike at Indian Creek and ask what choke & what load might work best in that gun. I'm guessing it will be a .660 IC and H-13 3" #6's, but that's just a guess.


The thing about Indian Creek for me, is letting them shoot all the different choke constrictions and shells, spend all that time & money, and then just tell me what works :)


I've killed birds with other chokes and shells, but I've liked the IC + H-13 combo the best so far....

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Thanks fella's for your help, I took it out last night just to see where it was shooting and it was patterning about a 10" high, I then shot about 20 clay's with it and I might of broke 4 birds. Soooo I pulled out the shims and adjusted the comb as to where when I looked down the rib all I seen was bead and no rib. The next 80 clay I probably broke 70 of them that made a heck of a difference!! Now like you guys said I have to decide on IC, JH or rhino in a .660 constriction. 100 target loads some 3' turkey loads and a couple buckshot loads the M2 dident even have a hiccup. I am tickeled to death with it so far.

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