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ever heard of OTIS gun cleaning systems?


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Good kits. They make the USMC standard issue cleaning kit now. (I guess the old A2 buttstock kit went out of fasion.)


I have an Otis kit for my 6.8 SPC gun ... But in my opinion, they're a bit pricey for what you get. If you need something ultra-compact (like fit-in-your-pocket-or-on-your-belt size) and portable, or you want a super-big do-it-all kit, then Otis might be your style. If you just want a kit for a single caliber and don't need it to be ultra-compact (got a range bag?) I'd look elsewhere. You'll save yourself about $50.

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well, as i plan to purchase the H&K mr556 and mr762, a glock in .40 and a DE .50AE anyway, i'd like to have a do-it-all kit.

i just don't quite see the difference between the military elite:



and the LE elite:



except for the price of course. any idea?

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They are a little bit pricey. I use mine mostly for my M1A because it is a real pain in the neck to clean from breech to muzzle without taking the barrel completely off if you are using a cleaning rod. The otis kit is very portable and all around useful, but it does make the cleaning process take about three times longer than using a rod. But for Ar's and shotguns where it is easy to access the barrel for cleaning...I like using a single piece coated rod with patches and brushes

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I have this one http://www.otisgun.com/cgistore/store.cgi?page=/new/product.html&setup=1&ida=41&idp=330&his=0|1|330&cart_id=5470886.5200


I have been using it for a few months and it is stocked with every damn thing under the sun... Very nice kit...

Comes in a pretty cool little duffle bag with a very plush inner velvet liner. I like the bore cables better than the steel/brass rods, seems faster to me and this kit comes with a ton of them in different lengths and diamiters.

there's my 2 cents....

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