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WTS Benelli M2 Tactical (GA)


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I got this M2 at Christmas time and after running a box of shells through it I have to say it is just not my cup of tea. That box consisted of a mixture of 00 and #7.5, all 2 3/4 and they all ran perfectly. It also shoots exactly where I aim it. So if someone out there, preferably in Georgia wants an almost new M2 Tactical (Comfortech stock, standard sights, three chokes, box, etc.) it is for sale for $1,100. I've still got to figure out how to post pics here but you all know what they look like. FTF would be preferable.


Well, I've had it back to the shop, got the stock adjusted to me and it still kicks the @#$% out of me. So it is back on the market.



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back on the market
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You are asking to much for it and you are probably not getting the gun into the pocket and it hurts. Have someone show you how to get the gun in the pocket before shooting. I finished shooting 50 rounds of slugs and 50 rounds of 00 buck with no problem, but if you don't have it in the pocket it will kick like ****.

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Thanks for the note guys, I'll have to find someone with more shotgun experience to show me what I'm doing wrong. I am surprised to hear that prices in other parts of the country are much lower. I bought this in December of 2009 for $1200 and didn't expect to see such a drop in retail. More practice is clearly needed.

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