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14" barrel for M2 Tactical???


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hey AUGY, could'nt you just have it cut down?? it looks to be much easier than cutting an m4 barrel. and since you cant find one.


May have to go that route. Ideally I would like to find just the barrel. That way I could sell my 18.5" barrel and pistol grip stock to someone who may want to convert their "field" variant into a "tactical" type. I am LEO, so I may have to just go through my agency ... but I want this for a personally owned weapon, not department owned.


The one Cody linked is OK, but I'd like to get the tactical front sight version - that guy had one, but I missed out on buying it.

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you could always buy the ghost ring sights, cut your barrel and have them mounted on the new barrel/rear of your SG. cause whatever gets cut the front sight has to be re-welded anyways. so you could switch up. you'd be into it for about the same $$ as if you found the oem 14"barrel w/ ghost rings. ive got a place that has the LPA sights in stock. let me know if i can help. TS

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