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Safety on Supernova


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Somebody needs a day job.


Yes, the safety can be reversed.

The Nova line is a bit more tricky to do than the SBE, M2, etc., because of the way the safety is designed.


I've done a few, but I'd recommend getting a gunsmith to do it if you are not comfortable and familiar such operations.


Also, you might want to ask Benelli Customer Service about doing it for you.

A few years back, they would do it for free, but you have to pay shipping both ways. Not sure if that offer's still valid or not.

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Guest Snipe656
anybody get anywhere on this?

i picked up my supervova yesterday and i shoot lefty


I do not have mine handy and been a long time since I shot it but what is the issue with shooting them lefty? I know the last time I took mine to the range that I was shooting lefty and only thing I recall was whatever that switch/button is called to chamber the first round is far from an easy task when lefty. But that is not the safety, is it? Guess if I looked at or used mine more often I would remember such simple things.

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Wanted to bump this old thread since I have the same question. I use my Supernova for upland game more than for waterfowling these days and it is very important that the safety be engaged while walking the fields but also must be quickly disengaged when a bird flushes since the quail and chukar are like little feathered rockets. ;)


I emailed Benelli customer service today and will report back with their response. Based on trigger assembly schematics I think you'd be able to flip the safety to lefty yourself if you can find a thin enough piece of metal to fit under the safety to depress the plunger and spring, but it's a very tight fit and I have yet to find an appropriate tool.

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I just called Benelli customer service, and they said that they will be glad to reverse the safety free of charge; I just have to ship them the trigger assembly and they'll get it switched. Current turnaround is about 3 weeks due to the holidays but they said they expect it to be 1-2 weeks once February rolls around. Hope this is helpful.

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Hi there,


When researching how to reverse the safety on the Supernova, I found this thread. However, when I attempt to open the link with the instructions, I receive the 404 error message.


I realize this is an older thread but is there any chance you can try to re-post the link? Or do you happen to have step-by-step instructions that you might be willing to share? I can probably send it off to Benelli to have it done but I really enjoy learning how to perform modifications myself. In addition, if I do send it to Benelli, I'm concerned it won't be returned before dove season begins.


Any assistance you can provide us greatly and humbly appreciated.






It should be easy to change and you can probably find something above?

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