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Removing M4 collapsible stock


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I'm looking for an answer in a semi-desperate situation. Someone at our shop decided to try to slap a collapsible stock on a commercial M4 that it, apparently, wasn't designed for. The stock doesn't collapse; it just sits at the end of the tube, and is able to be rotated when the button is depressed, but I can't figure out how to pull the thing off. This is the shop's gun, and the owner's stock, so that thing needs to come off ASAP. Any ideas? :eek:

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I just depressed the button, slid the stock all the way up the tube, turned it counterclockwise, and pulled it off (like you suggested).


In other news, don't buy Winchester 12GA bird shot in those bulk 100 round Walmart packs. It doesn't like to cycle (powder charges vary ENORMOUSLY) in my M4, and 2 - 5 rounds out of 50 had NO SHOT IN THEM AT ALL. It was a primer, powder, and wad... I watched the wad fly through the target with zero recoil. Perhaps there was no powder in them either? Regardless, I switched back to Federal bird shot (in the 100 round Walmart pack), and had no problems.


At any rate, my rig consists of the Surefire M80 rail, 7-shot tube extension, Surefire M961XM07 weapon light (large, but I got it dirt cheap), Magpul AFG, and Trijicon TriPower reflex sight (which is absolutely sick on an M4, by the way). She runs crisp. ;)

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