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Today was a good day


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Got up this morning at about 4:30 a.m. got things cituated for tha hour and a half drive south for my turkey hunt down here in Ardmore Ok,as soon as I got out of tha vehicle owls and crows where going CRAZY not only that tha Gobblers were to I mean in each direction they were going OFF, with me nervous and getting shells in tha ole black eagle I was about to go crazy not knowing where to set up,so I did at the enbankment of my buddies cow tank as I got my decoys(3 position hen and aggressive jack) out and set up tha ole faithfull ground blind it being ole faithfull because I have killed eight BIG bucks from behind it,it wasn't 30 min and I had a ole tom and jake RIGHT up on me SCARED tha MESS outta me when he gobbled,as I got tha ole black eagle in position,got tha bead on tha tom pulled tha trigger BOOM where he lay was where he stayed,man tha Winchester # 6 HV's with the Kick's Gobblin Thunder .655 choke did the trick.This is my first big tom with 9 inch beard at 20 pounds MAN!!!!!!!!!! it made my weekend,you best BELIEVE I'll be out in the morning trying to get another one;)


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