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M4 collapsible stock - attaching push-button sling swivel


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Need some advice! Just received by mail order, my new Urban ERT sling and with it got the push button swivel mount which attaches to the pistol grip of a collapsible stock. I apparently did not do my research well! The collapsible stock pistol grip has a pre-drilled small hole which appears to be "meant for a sling mount". Unfortunately, the Mesa Tactical push button swivel is significantly larger in diameter than the hole pre-drilled by Benelli. Now that I'm reading more, I find that Mesa Tactical does mention in the product description of it's swivel mount the "some drilling may be required".




Now, the push button swivel is very cool... very convenient. But...


1. Would you drill out an $800 pistol grip for fear of decreasing it's potential resale value? (although not really thinking of selling it... still like the option to think it's still valuable!)


2. If you would drill it out to accommodate the push button sling swivel, what kind of drill bit goes through synthetic material/plastic? Is there metal deeper in the "hole" that I might need a special bit? Would you just take the gun to a gunsmith to get it done "right"? Or is this an easy fitting to make?


Thanks for input!

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1) - Easy. Which is more important to you, having a sling or being able to resell your stock? If you do a good job on the sling install, you can always claim "professionally custom modded" and charge even more ... you're saving someone else the work of having to do it themselves! How courteous of you!


2) - I'm pretty sure it's just a polymer molding, and just about any drill bit will slice through polymer like butter ... it just might not be so good for the bit.

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I have encountered the same problem. I contacted Mesa Tactical and they were surprised to hear that it did not fit and sent me new screws. I received the SAME screws that were too large a few days later. I know drilling an $800.00 stock is the easiest way but i have decided to invest time with a dremel and sand/polish the screws until they fit.


Imo, that is the only way to not compromise the stock and still get the PB rear sling attachment to fit.

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