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Hevishot scatching SBEII barrel


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I was wondering if Hevishot or similar loads will scratch or score the barrel of my SBEII, and what chokes and loads do you guys recommend.


Also, do you have to use crio chokes only for the SBEII.


PS- I love this gun! That is why I don't want to mar it in anyway. It was awesome on the waterfowl this past year.

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Unprotected, HS will score your barrel.


From what I have heard, the newer style of protective cups (insert a Tucker joke here) have eliminated that problem.


I have not read a statement from Benelli, but other companies like Browning have made statements to the effect that newer HS loads are fine in their guns. I think Beretta has made this statement as well.


Maybe ask Benelli USA CS?


I like HS 7.5's early on, and 6's later on.


You certainly must you the correct choke in the SBE II. Whether or not an aftermarket company actually Crio's the tube is another issue.


I don't even know for sure if Benelli Crio's their own tubes - they don't feel cold to me....


mudhen - CA

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Origionaly posted by mudhen:


I don't even know for sure if Benelli Crio's their own tubes - they don't feel cold to me....

Hah, they shouldn't they're only frozen in carbon dioxide at -300 freaken degrees F :eek: .


its only the process it's not any sort of permanent cooling process. it's only to evanly distribute the grain of the steel therby eliminating barrel misshaping under extreme heat. so it lasts longer


Nothing personal: I don't mean to insult you mudhen, its just that you walked right into that one.


Oh and tucker: comon its too easy I know you can add to that. smile.gif


[ 04-22-2005, 08:21 PM: Message edited by: The_Gun_Guy ]

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