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Benelli Nova Tactical :: 6 Shell Side Saddle?

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I just bought the Nova Tactical this weekend and I'm already looking for accessories. I have already ordered the +2 magazine extension taking my total capacity to 6+1. My question is where can I find a 6 shell side saddle for this shotgun? I've found the 4 shell, but why would you want that if you're magazine can hold 6?


If anyone knows where I can find a 6 shell side saddle, with or without a sight rail, please reply.




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Thanks. I did find that one, but it specifically mentions "SuperNova" over and over. All of the other ones that I've seen say "SuperNova and Nova", so I'm just wondering if it is compatible for both. I guess I'll have to send the company an email.

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I'm seeing that the only side saddles people are using are 4 rounders. It appears the slide goes too far back to allow a 6 round. I'm still curious though which ones people are using and if there are any modifications that need to be made to accommodate the saddle. I'm not really interested in any drilling, and I can always carry them on the stock I guess. I found this one that looks awesome.




Also wondering if anyone knows where to find a 4 round saddle + sight rail? haven't seen that for the Nova yet. I have seen a few like the one pictured below with a red dot and wondering how the mount for the rail works there too.





If anyone knows any good dealers for said products or prices, I would appreciate it.



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Personally, I do not prefer the 6 shell sidesaddle; its a balance/weight thing for me. Hence, I generally prefer the 4 shell configuration (I used the Mesa Tactical for a while).


Of course, after a bit of trial and error, I went with a butt stock mounted carrier (Mesa Tactical 4 shell). The only downside is, you need to have the SteadyGrip stock in order to use this particular item. Luckily, this is my stock of choice.

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