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They can be quite slow.

They're made in Italy, you know?


I would never order such a gun from a dealer. Not when you can find plenty of them on gunbroker.com, in stock, ready to ship to your FFL.


Other online sellers have stock as well, and they can ship the same way.

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I think the Maryland Facility keeps what Benelli Italy sends them and their production volumes have never been that great! I would think they have gotten better over time but could be mistaken! I am sure the Military/LE contracts slow down normal production to a degree? You did do good on price if you only have to wait less than 1 month i would say.

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I recently ordered a SBE II from my local dealer....the dealer is telling me it could be a week to maybe a month or more for the gun to arrive :eek:.......is Benelli that slow shipping the SBE II to the dealers?


Interesting replies :)


Based on buying Benellis since around 1990, I'd say the dealer's reply is pretty typical. Some models are stocked at a higher level than other models. I would be willing to bet that black Benellis are common, Max4 next, APG next, wood last.


My local dealer and the Benelli rep tell me that APG is their slowest selling camo by far. It's supposed to be their 'turkey' gun, that's why they stock the APG only in 24" and 26". The Max4 is supposed to be their 'waterfowl' pattern, and that is why it's in 26" & 28". Personally, I don't like either of those patterns anymore. My Max4 SBE II is called the 'banana' by some friends. I'm a fan of MOBU, and MO Bottomland. The new MOBUI is not half bad either.


$1399 for a NIB SBE II from an authorized Benelli dealer is outstanding in my opinion. I'd wait for it at that price!


Not sure, but I don't think any authorized Benelli dealer can sell below MAP on-line, so if you find a NIB Benelli on-line for less than MAP, it may not come with the full warranty offered by an authorized Benelli dealer. The gun will probably work fine no matter where you buy it, but I've needed warranty work on several brands with fine reputations. My first Glock was defective!

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So far my SBE II has run everything I have fed it.....even the light 1oz target loads (was expecting it to have an issue), but run perfect! To date have run about 300rds through it with no internal cleaning.....only one box of heavy hunting loads and a few 3.5mags. :D

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