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I realise that this is a benelli site, but I figure that many of you, are as I am, and own many other makes and models of firearms.So, here goes::D

I have two "take off" barrels that I have no use for.

Both are fully rifled barrels with rifle sights, 12 gauge, 3 inch chambers, approximately 21 inches long, matte blued finish.

One is from a Remington 870, and the other is from a Remington 11-87.

I am asking $125.00 for the 870 barrel, and $150.00 for the 11-87 barrel, shipping will be $15.00 to the lower 48, no international sales.

Both are in good shape, I just have no use for them. I can E-Mail pics if needed.


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I never looked at a Benelli until went to the gun shop to purchase the Rem 887 Nitro several months ago.... wow the quality was terrible to say the least. Needless to say the SuperNova went home with me that day. I was so upset being a Remington fan that I wrote a letter to Remington about the Nitro....when the smart remark reply came back that did it for me. (the reply revealed I wasnt the first they have heard from, but didnt really care they lost a sale either) Since then have purchased another Benelli youth Nova and have an SBE II on order.....sorry Remington.

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Remington sent me a survey/questionare just today wanting to compare the SuperNova to the 887 Nitro......may have had something to do with a letter I sent them awhile ago concerning the poor quality of the 887 Nitro? I had no trouble letting Remington know the reasons the SuperNova far better gun and deal vs the 887 Nitro. Its very obvious that Rem is concerned with Benelli products......and they should be.

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